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No matter your industry, we know that in order for you to work your best, we must deliver the best. That’s why we provide a high-quality, American-made line of greases and lubricants, from certified post-tensioning grease to high-performance industrial fluids and more.

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We offer high-quality lubricating greases to serve a wide variety of industries and purposes, including:

Products NLGI Grade
HT Lithium Complex EP
HT Lithium Complex
Lithium EP Molly
Lithium EP 5% Molly 
Anhydrous Calcium
Cotton Picker Grease

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Post-Tension Grease

Lone Star works closely with our labs and chemist to ensure that the product we deliver to you meets your exacting requirements for both slab-on-ground and high-rise post-tensioning. 

Our certified LSG-PT grease is sheathing-compatible and specially formulated to protect against corrosion. Unlike those made from recycled oils that are prone to leaking, our PT grease is formulated with virgin oils to eliminate waste and save you money.

We deliver our product in dedicated PT coating tanks to uphold the integrity of our grease and your PT cables.

Specialty Greases

While there are many formulations of greases out there, you may need something more tailored to your application. No matter what your industry, your requirements, your specifications, or where you are located, Lone Star can create a grease specifically formulated for you.

Private Label Partnerships

Lone Star will partner with you to customize our reliable commercial and industrial products and packaging to launch and promote your company’s private label passenger car lubrication products. We even assist with merchandising, sales collateral, and training for your sales and technical teams. Contact us for more information today.

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